Principles of Supported Living

A Home of One’s Own

 Individuals live in homes that they own, lease or rent like other members of their community. They choose where they live and with whom, and they control what happens in their home. Individuals are secure in their homes and do not have to move if their needs, their services or their service agency changes. Individuals are safe in their home and neighborhood.

Choice and Self-Directed

 An individual makes his or her own everyday choices.   Individuals plan for their futures.  They direct the services they receive and have a choice of agencies and staff.  Individuals are supported (e.g., technology, communication devices, behavioral support) to communicate their preferences, choices and needs.Individuals are satisfied with the services they receive.


 An individual has family, friends and neighbors who support him or her in regular ways or as paid help.  The individual and his or her circle of support work together as a team with the supported living agency and others to share responsibility for his or her well being.

Community Membership

 An individual fully participates in the mainstream of community life.Individuals have opportunities to join clubs, groups, and churches. Individuals use local community resources and generic services.

Flexible, Tailored Services and Supports

 An individual has a service plan which is developed through a person-centered planning process.The plan reflects the support that the individual wants and needs.  Services are provided in the person’s home and community, at times when they are preferred.  Services offer the individual opportunities to increase competence, confidence and quality of life.