Independent Living Services




NorthStar ILS will provide functional skills training to individuals with developmental disabilities so that they can achieve the highest level of independence possible and realize their most important goals and desires.  NorthStar ILS services will help the individual to secure a self-sustaining, independent living situation in their community.  NorthStar ILS may also provide the training and services necessary for the individual to maintain their skills.  Independent Living Skills Facilitators will teach individuals the necessary skills to thrive and assist them to develop a circle of support that will contribute to long-term good health and happiness.


Training is personalized and focuses on skill development so each person can achieve their chosen outcomes.
The NorthStar ILS curriculum will address crucial life skills areas as well as the 13 domains of functional skills training components specified in Title 17:

  • Cooking- Domestic
  • Cleaning- Household Maintenance
  • Money Management
  • Shopping
  • Check Cashing and Purchasing Activities
  • Use of Public Transportation
  • Personal Health and Hygiene
  • Use of Medical and Dental Services as well as other Community Resources
  • Self-Advocacy Training
  • Independent Recreation and Participation
  • Relationships
  • Community Resources
  • Home and Community Safety