Getting Services

The individuals that benefit from NorthStar Services are challenged with all types of developmental disabilities, and may have additional challenges in their lives such as sensory impairments or mental illness.  Individuals must be eighteen years or older.  NorthStar Services is committed to providing services to individuals with a qualifying Regional Center Service diagnosis where funding is available for the proper support services and the individual, their family and their circle of support feel that the services will be beneficial. NorthStar is committed to the philosophy that every individual has the right to request and receive support to live in his or her own home.

NorthStar will support an individual providing all of the following conditions exist

  • The individual or authorized representative consents to the service;
  • Regional Center concurs that service is appropriate;
  • The individual’s needs can be met by NorthStar as outlined in program design; and
  • NorthStar agrees to provide the service.

Contact your Regional Center Service Coordinator to express your interest in NorthStar services.