NorthStar is a progressive organization that invests in the development of a learning culture.  We employ individuals who are creative, organized, responsible, positive and flexible.  NorthStar fuses Person Centered Practices with traditional Human Resources creating a mutually beneficial working environment.

Qualifications and Requirements

    • All employees of NorthStar must complete the application and hiring process that includes a screening, first interview, second interview with an individual receiving services, background check, DMV record review, and reference checks  
    • While direct experience is not required, superb ethics and dependability are!  

Most employees of NorthStar are also employees of In Home Support Services. The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and Regional Centers require Supported Living providers to utilize "Generic Resources" to supplement funding for individual services. One of those resources is a county, state and federally funded program called In Home Support Services (IHSS).   An individual receiving IHSS services is awarded a set number of hours each month for provision of specific assistance.  These service hours are assigned to Providers (possibly also NorthStar employees) based on the amount of hours worked with the individual. These assigned hours are then paid to the Provider at that counties current IHSS rate.

Focus Meetings are just one of the ways NorthStar’s learning culture is put into action.

Focus Meetings are held at a minimum, every 6 weeks for each individual’s team.  Focus Meetings may be held more often at the discretion of the CSF or due to the need of the team.  Focus Meeting attendance is required and is part of employee work schedules.  While we understand that many employees have other commitments and it may be challenging to attend these meetings, it is our expectation as we have seen the value and how it improves the effectiveness of teams.  Focus Meetings are a way for teams to share what is being learned, what is being tried, what should be celebrated and what concerns might exist.  We have heard from countless employees how important these meetings are and how frustrating it can be when members of the team are not present.  We have also heard from Service Coordinators and family members that Focus Meetings set NorthStar apart and are invaluable.

Apply at NorthStar

Take a look at our Job Previews and browse the rest of our website to get a feel for NorthStar Services.  If you think you might be a good match for NorthStar, scroll down to download our employment application. Once you have completed the application you can submit it by:

  • Email to Human Resources
  • Fax to 530-672-2503 or call 530-672-2535 for more information
  • Mail to PO BOX 1430, Shingle Springs, CA 95682