Principles for Partnership, Trust, Respect and Accountability

Alta Area Principles for Partnership, Trust, Respect and Accountability

Created by Alta area employees in 2009

  • We care compassionately, communicate effectively, and encourage constantly.
  •  We listen to what is being said and we listen until we understand.
  •  We value differing perspectives and individual differences while staying positively focused on why we are here.
  •  We create a professional atmosphere in which we communicate in a safe, open and timely manner.
  •  To create respect and trust we are reliable, responsible, and dependable.
  •  We leave our personal problems at the door and focus on the purpose of our work.
  •  We are respectful and responsible to each other:
    • We are here for the same purpose
    • We are here for one another
    • We make equal contributions
  • We are equally accountable to our work and to each other.

Redwood Coast Principles for Partnership, Trust, Respect and Accountability

Created by Redwood Coast employees in 2009 and updated on 4/4/13

  • We work together to promote a healthy environment in the home and in the community.
  • We communicate honestly, truly listen while continually striving for better understanding.
  • We consider our team when on shift and what we can do to make the work flow smoothly.
  • We are aware one person can't do it all- its takes a team or a village.
  • We trust each other to do our best in any given situation.
  • We know we can count on each other.  Follow through happens.
  • We are able to talk to each other about concerns without fear- we have a culture of support, not blame.
  • We recognize the diversity among us and how we each contribute to the lives of people we support.
  • We are open to new ideas, but value what is working.
  • We are honest and follow through on requirements of our work and ask for help when needed.
  • We are human; acknowledging our mistakes creates positive growth.
  • We show up for each other and the people we support and participate in meetings and trainings.