Being a Star at NorthStar

We Walk the Talk

  • Embrace the 5 Principles of Supported Living
  • Practice the Principles of Partnership, Trust, Respect and Accountability
  • Contribute to a Learning Culture
  • Practice Person Centered Thinking - Tools and Skills
  • Support each person to have valued community membership

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We Embrace a Learning Culture

A learning culture requires

  • That everyone is heard & feels their voice matters
  • Learning is continuous – not just during review or planning meetings
  •  What is learned is recorded as it is learned
  • People are supported in acquiring the skills they need – and opportunities to enhance skills are routine

Our Principles of Partnership, Trust, Respect and Accountability:

  • Encourage an Organizational Culture based on Partnership, Trust, Respect and Accountability
  • Include everyone – everyone’s voice is valued
  • Are posted and read at every focus group
  • Are referred to as a reference in recognizing staff doing well or not so well in their relationship to other’s within and outside of agency
  • Are modeled by leaders
  • Create a safe place for expression of creativity and flexibility
  • Strengthen partnerships inside and outside of the agency

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