Person Centered Practices and Community Building are at the foundation of principled supported living services and all community services. CIRCL offers courses, coaching, training, skills and tools for supporting people with a history of isolation and segregation to build connections and valued community membership and lives that they direct. The collaborators of CIRCL, who also happen to be members of The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices have expanded CIRCL’s interests and offerings to include training and consultation in: 

  • Person Centered Thinking 
  • Person Centered Planning 
  • Person Centered Organizations 
  • Person Centered Team 
  • Person Centered Plans 
  • Community Building 

For more information on training resources, contact Claudia Bolton at

An Introduction to Person Centered Teams
From Helen Sanderson and Associates. A person centered team is a team with a shared sense of purpose who know what is important to and for team members.  

Walnut Grove civic center is Alma's Cafe
Alma's is the cafe civic center for an agricultural region that encompasses four counties.

Maps and PATH are creative Person Centered Planning tools designed to identify do-able action steps in the direction of desirable futures.
MAPS graphic
PATH graphic 

Toolbox 1Toolbox 2Toolbox 3Toolbox 4Toolbox 5
While these 5 documents will help you get started in understanding supported living services, your best teachers are the people you support and your most important learning tool will be your ability to listen carefully to what they have to say. Enjoy the journey!

Choosing a Supported Living Agency
One of the different things about supported living is that the person who wants supported living and their family have the right to choose who the provider will be. You should carefully evaluate whether the provider’s style of service matches what you are looking for in an agency.

Individual Quality Check up
Individual Quality Check up for Supported Living Services.

Thoughts About My Life
This workbook began with a wish to help people to write stories about their lives. 

Moving Out Forum Summary
From time to time, Connections for Information and Resources on Community Living (CIRCL) sponsors community forums and workshops on different aspects of supported living services. In February, 2004, CIRCL (with funding from the Department of Developmental Services) co-sponsored with the California Supported Living Network (CSLN) a forum on the issues and challenges involved in helping people move from developmental centers into their own homes and communities. 

Getting to Know You
This workbook for getting to know someone was developed from two methods of person centered planning, the Personal Profile and Essential Lifestyle Planning. 

TLCPCP Brochure
More informaiton about The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.

Person centered planning tools in Spanish. 

Supported Living - A Good Life
Supported Living - A Good Life All States
A guide to supported living services for people with developmental disabilities.