Chrissy Rotermund

Marketing, Quality Assurance Specialist & Operations Support

With NorthStar since April 2016

Chrissy Rotermund

Why I Do What I Do

I believe in giving back. Serving others is a way I have found to do that.  I enjoy making life easier and better for those around me. I’m excited to do that at NorthStar Services and very happy to be a part of a professional team that cares so deeply about people. I use the skills that I’ve acquired over the years to assist me in making a positive difference in the lives of everyone I touch.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time out doors with my animals, especially my horses.  Hiking, camping, gardening, listening to music, socializing and reading are other favorite pastimes.

I am a board member of and very passionate about an equine assisted therapy program called Windows To My Soul, where horses and humans come together in a healing and transformative growth environment.

Some of My Gifts and Capacities

  • I love to share information
  • I am a passionate person
  • I am organized
  • I have a good sense of humor
  • I am a first aid/CPR trainer
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